Some time last year during the heat of the pandemic, Microsoft launched a global skills initiative aimed at bringing more digital skills to 25 million people worldwide. The initiative combines existing and new resources from LinkedIn, GitHub, and Microsoft.

It is grounded in 3 areas of activity:
(1) The use of data to identify in-demand jobs and the skills needed to fill them;
(2) Free access to learning paths and content to help people develop the skills these positions require;
(3) Low-cost certifications and free job-seeking tools to help people who develop these skills pursue new jobs.

You can go to to get started

These 10 jobs were identified as having the greatest number of job openings*, have had steady growth over the past four years, pay a livable wage, and require skills that can be learned online.

  1. Software developer
  2. Sales representative
  3. Project manager
  4. IT administrator
  5. Customer service specialist
  6. Digital marketing specialist
  7. IT support/help desk
  8. Data analyst
  9. Financial analyst
  10. Graphic designer

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