Alot of preparation is usually made before the birthing of a child but one aspect we don’t usually take seriously and is very crucial is the financial planning aspect. Birthing a child is a serious process and doing things based on impulse is usually not a good idea, it is best to start planning financially for the birthing process just before or immediately after conception has been confirmed.

A good place to start is number 10. I hope this helps.

  1. Have a genuine money talk with your partner & Update Your Household Budget
  2. Research your workplace’s family leave policy, and find out how much maternity pay you will get
  3. Plan your post-delivery budget. Don’t go gaga AND Overbuy Baby Gear & equipment
  4. Look into the cost of prenatal services. Sign up for health insurance before your baby is born/ Understand your health insurance If you already have and anticipate costs
  5. You may be entitled to some benefits as a preggy either from the government, NGOs or your workplace, find out and take advantage to save you some cost
  6. Start/check & BUILD your emergency fund
  7. Try to clear any outstanding debt
  8. Think Ahead for Child Care options and what it might cost you
  9. Create a savings plan for your child’s future expenses
  10. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF & Know exactly where you stand financially

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