What are your kid(s) having for breakfast this morning? Here are some healthy & nutritious options, you can tweak it as you choose or with your available resources. Some of them like the muffins, cookies and sandwiches can be made in batch and stored for a full week. Nuts can be in butter or powdered form.

  1. Whole-grain cereal with milk topped with fruit (in whole or puréed form)
  2. whole-grain/legume waffles or pancake topped with nut butter or/and fruits
  3. Vegetable Fish/mushroom/chicken/beef Sandwich & Smoothie
  4. Akara & smoothie
  5. French toast with hot cocoa milk drink
  6. Vegetable omelette with bread and fresh fruit juice
  7. Whole grain muffin/cupcake and fruits
  8. Heated leftover rice with chopped veggies
  9. Moi-Moi and hot multigrain pap/cereal with puréed fruit & milk
  10. whole grain cookies with smoothie
  11. Chicken puff puff and yoghurt with fruits
  12. Yam/potato & vegetable egg sauce
  13. Akara/Moi Moi with Oatmeal topped with fruits & nuts
  14. Plantain & egg
  15. Frittata & plant milk of choice
  16. Nut/Seed butter & fruit jam sandwich with hot cocoa milk drink
  17. Bread & egg with hot cocoa milk drink
  18. Boiled Sweet Potatoes and fish/mince beef Sauce
  19. Okpa & cereal base smoothie
  20. Home made burger, chicken wrap or pizza and fresh fruit juice

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