Excerpts From the session: Teach Your boss to treat you right (By Nneka Jethro-Iruobe)

You spend upwards of 70% of your waking hours at and around work and you deserve to be happy at work. A lot of the pain people experience at work stems from the relationships with their bosses / managers. Here are 3Cs you need to start doing to help your boss see your value this year.


  • Provide high-quality work and keep track of your appraisals,
  • show initiative,
  • learn as much as you can from others,
  • learn how to stand up for yourself,
  • be confident,
  • keep a work-life balance.
  • Ask for feedbacks


  • Take Advantage of Opportunities to Socialize with your boss
  • Find something in common. This could be sports, movies, shows, or hobbies.
  • Ask your boss about their work experience
  • where they’ve worked,
  • what they didn’t like,
  • what else would they have been doing if not this job?


  • Learn your boss’s Communications Preferences
  • Establish how often your boss would like updates from you
  • Say when you do something well or make sacrifices at work
  • Keep your conversations with your boss positive by talking about results/solutions
  • Be respectful & professional

You can access the full session: Teach Your boss to treat you right (By Nneka Jethro-Iruobe) , Here

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