Here are my 5 Back-2-School tips as our little humans resume:

👉🏾 Create a visual schedule & adjust their routine few days before school starts

👉🏾 Prep laundry, hair, closet, groceries and meals for resumption. If you need help with weekly meal timetable and recipe videos, then you should join the NUTRITION4KIDSNG community HERE, our African-centric meal options for kids are endless

👉🏾 Establish good communication with your kids and their teachers about resumption, so you can manage expectations.

Child: What are you most excited about in the upcoming school term? What are you least looking forward to? Is there anything in particular that will help motivate or focus you?

Teacher: What can I do at home to reinforce/support what you teach at school? What am I not asking but should be? What is the best way for me to contact you?

👉🏾 Do your Back-to-school shopping. There are a lot of online vendors with affordable options or you can try your local market. Download a checklist HERE

👉🏾Keep an eye out for changes such as anxiety in your child and give extra support when you notice such

Do you have more tips, pls feel free to add in the comment section and share with a mum friend ❤️

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