Looking for a job or job change? These tips would help you let people know you are job hunting, to hasten the process.

1. Let Recruiters Know You’re Open to Job Opportunities on LinkedIn

If you’re looking for a job, you can let recruiters and your network on LinkedIn know you’re open to new job opportunities by enabling the #OpenToWork feature from your LinkedIn profile

2. Visit the career section of Company Websites

Create a list of employers that you’d like to work for, visit the career section of their websites often and set an alert for jobs that match your interest.

You might consider making a cold call. Phone or email people in the organization after finding their contact details on the company website.

3. Ask your network for referrals

Start by making a list of everyone that you know and determine which individuals might know about available positions in your industry. Then, you reach out to those people

4. Explore Headhunters & Recruitment agencies

If you’re looking for some professional help in your job search, headhunters and recruitment agencies can help.

5. Leverage social media

There are many different social media platforms you can use to search for jobs and interact with companies you’d like to work for.

If you are using social media for professional purposes, it’s important to make your own profiles suitable.

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