1. Invest In Digital Marketing
  • Have periodic marketing goal
  • Decide which avenue you want to use: influencers, facebook ads, google ads, email marketing etc.
  • Decide who your target is: Lagos, moms, 20-45 etc.
  • Set your budget
  • Execute

2. Have A Separate Bank Account For Your Small Business

  • Helps with budgeting & tracking the business finances
  • Helps to figure out taxing
  • Help you not to eat into your business funds
  • This would allow you pay yourself a salary

3. Continuously educate yourself

  • Learn & Utilize available tools & technologies that were built to specifically solve problems with productivity
  • Learn from your industry experts
  • Take a course/class to improve yourself
  • Study your mentors

4. Build your team and put systems in place

  • Automate repetitive steps in your sales, production or distribution process
  • Take the time to learn your employees’ strengths and weaknesses so that you can delegate more effectively.
  • Put checks and balances in place so that you can monitor the processes

5. Network & team up with other mums in business

  • Socialise & brainstorm with other like-minded business mums to reduce the feeling of isolation
  • Generate new sales from other members and benefit from their recommendations;
  • Exchange marketing ideas with mums with similar businesses;
  • Ask for or offer advice from moms with experience of your problems;
  • Think about how your product or services could mix with others for possible profitable collaborations

6. Set a day aside monthly to review and reflect

  • Pull out your analytics and statistics
  • Do a performance review of your different products or services
  • Observe what worked that month and what didn’t

7. Manage the demands on your time

  • Know your power hour. Write a realistic task list for that hour, focus & avoid distractions
  • Organize your tasks, inventory, finances & employees
  • Put your phone down out of hours
  • Take time out to de-stress

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