Who has gone through the process of going back to work years after staying away to nurture their child(ren)?

Well this isn’t new and Mums have been making this decision for years though it can be very tricky. These strategies can help you get it right.

Also have it in mind that not everyone can or want to be an entrepreneur aka mumprenuer and going back to paid employment either to further your career dreams or for the family’s extra/only stream of income is perfectly fine.

  • Get Some Advice

Try to connect with other working parents especially in your field of interest for some advice, inspiration and to see how they balance work life and family life.

  • Make a Job Search Plan

1. Ask yourself why you are looking for a new job.

2. Think about what you are looking for

3. Know your strengths and weaknesses

4. Set aside time to do the search.

5. Set measurable goals based on the number of applications to send out & the number of company websites/office to check out where applicable

6. Practice your interview techniques

  • Update Your resume/CV & Social professional Profiles
  • Be ready to deal with NOT-SO-IDEAL Tough QUESTIONS

There’s a high chance someone might ask you questions about your career gap or about you returning to work in a less appealing way, it’s important to be prepared to hear such questions and have a perfect answer ready to go

  • Volunteer/ Intern Strategically

Do “resume-quality” volunteer work or internship that is applicable to your field or expands your skills to bulk up your resume. This would also help to re-introduce you to the ambiance of a workplace

  • Network, Network, Network
  • BE PATIENT & learn a relevant skill that can better position you

You probably might not immediately get the job or pay you want but don’t be discouraged. Use that time to build up on your skills set especially relevant skills that can better position you for your desired job.

Feel Free To Add More tips& Share With A Mum Friend That Would Need It

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