If you are a mum in the career line, it is easy to get left behind if you are not intentional about your career growth amidst all the motherhood buhaha ☺️.

Here are 8 strategies you can implement to make sure your career growth isn’t stunted as you juggle it with motherhood. Remember not to be too hard on yourself though ❤️❤️❤️

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1. Build a personal board of directors for your career

This should consist of

  • A mentor: The best mentors are often senior women that you establish a relationship with and then they end up being a sounding board for you.
  • A sponsor or referee
  • A role model, who you choose to emulate
  • Coaches

2. Always have a current resume

Learn how to write a resume that will make you competitive in today’s market or use a professional resume builder

3. Have “a growth mindset” & Never Stop Learning

  • No matter the area of life in which you hope to improve, a growth mindset will open the doors to get you there.
  • the most successful people not only love learning, they never stop learning

4. Develop a strong personal brand and be visible

  • A strong personal brand and reputation can put you on the radar for exciting career opportunities.
  • Speak up in meetings, Strengthen your relationship with your boss., Ask for high-visibility projects, Volunteer to represent your team, Participate in learning opportunities, Demonstrate your expertise, Grow your network.

5. Learn to communicate effectively & Improve your interpersonal skills

  • Provide clear information. …
  • Refrain from gossip
  • Practice active listening
  • Ask questions
  • Handle conflicts with diplomacy.
  • Show a real interest in your colleagues

6. Create, Ask for, Seize opportunities and take initiatives. Ask For Feedback

  • Ask your boss, colleagues, junior staff and clients for feedback
  • Stay flexible
  • Be proactive
  • Envision new opportunities.
  • Ask for opportunities & Be ready to take them on.

7. Notice how you spend your time & Plan your career

  • Create a Master Schedule & Start Using a Planner
  • Prioritize and Set Realistic Goals
  • Intentionally Create Space for Work and Family
  • Be very specific when drafting your career plan with clearly defined ways of achieving your dreams as well as realistic deadlines for accomplishing them

8. Build your professional network

  • Utilize business travels, meetings, events wisely
  • Network online, LinkedIn is a great platform to leverage on, Create/Update your LinkedIn Profile & join groups
  • Use parenting groups as networking opportunities
  • Join Professional Women’s Associations

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