8 things to look out for when selecting a daycare/creche for your child

  1. Watch out for the kids-to-caregivers/nanny ratio. The fewer kids per caregiver/nanny, the better. Also find out if the caregivers are highly experienced and knowledgeable.
  2. Find out how various activities in the daycare center are handled. Things such as first aid, sleeping routine, feeding, crying, discipline, play, television, a sick-child etc.
  3. Find out and take account of their opening and closing hours, this is so you can plan drop-ins and pick-ups.
  4. Find out if the facility director is experienced in early childhood care, education or administration. He/She should also be responsive and easy to reach.
  5. Observe & look out for information on security. A good daycare will have clear and specific procedures for signing children into and out of the facility.
  6. Take notice of classroom cleanliness and child-proofing. Examine how waste are handled, sockets, exposed wires, and windows for safety etc.
  7. Ask other parents, or even your family and friends for their personal recommendation. Pay close attention to any red flags mentioned about a particular daycare
  8. Trust your gut. If something just doesn’t feel right about a particular daycare, try other options.

Other things to consider are

  • Accreditation
  • Cost
  • Location

What did we miss? What is/was top priority for you when choosing a daycare/creche/school? Pls share in the comment section and tag a mum who needs this.

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