Having an email list not only help you keep a database of your clients, it is also another important sales channel that is working for a lot of people and you should explore it too. Big brands such as Jumia and co don’t joke with this. So if you are trying to create an email list or you need more ideas on how to grow it from Instagram, these ideas have helped me grow mine and would come in handy for you too.

Fist you need to create an opt-in landing page/form for email collection and connect it to an emailing platform such as Mailchimp

  1. Add a call-to-action to your Instagram bio with a link to the landing page e.g. ‘Join My mailing list for exclusive discounts/offers’
  2. Have a major lead magnet, this is your main free item you give away in exchange for someone’s email address .Eg. Free checklist, e-book, Meal plan, video, audio, printables etc. Put it in your bio
  3. Host a class or webinar and collect emails during registration
  4. Provide Customer Support via Email
  5. Give Exclusive Discounts and Offers to people for joining your mailing list
  6. Request an email address from customers that want to get a quote or access a resource
  7. Give away products/services to build your list. Interested customers fill a form to win
  8. Promote your lead magnets using Facebook Ads or influencers
  9. Do a very important post based on what your audience want and create a digital content upgrade of that post that can be accessed through an opt in form, e.g. I do a post on school meal ideas and say you can access my free school meal plan through the link in my bio.

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