The basic characteristics of a healthy child are activity and free expression. In fact, they are seen as the hallmark of health in children, along with a huge appetite. Studies have shown that your child’s alertness and activity are signs of good nutrition and effective nutrient absorption.

While we love to see our kids active and engaged in various physical activities, it can be a little overwhelming and tiring trying to keep up with their pace. And as often as we want to encourage free expression, they can be quite a handful.

Picture this: Your son has their friend over for a playdate, they immediately start chasing themselves around the house and before you can even sit to watch your weekend show, you hear the shattering sound of your favourite vase.

It doesn’t end there, your daughter playing dress-up with her friend has poured your brown powder all over the floor, and there’s a lipstick stain where it shouldn’t be. 

The only thing known to keep children down apart from being asleep is being ill. Because children are always active and playful, they are more prone to getting infections through contaminated hands. A common symptom of infections such as colds or stomach bugs is fever. Fever is usually characterised by a body temperature of 37.2C or higher, headache, shivering and loss of appetite.

Generally, fever is good for sick children as it signifies that their immune system is working to fight off the infection; but most times, the fever may cause your children discomfort. This can bring about a change in their energy level as they become lethargic and not as playful as they usually are.

Although kids can be quite a handful, we know you would rather see them active and energetic than down with a fever or in pain which is where Piccan Ibuprofen comes in. Piccan Ibuprofen is specially formulated to relieve mild to moderate pain, fever and inflammation in children from ages 3 months to 12 years.

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