The Boost Your Business program is organized by Rabbington Media in conjunction with Facebook. Designed for micro, small and medium-sized businesses owners.

In collaboration with workingmum Diary Ng, we are focused on moms thriving at home and succeeding in their businesses. When Businesses Succeed, Communities Thrive. This training program teaches the fundamentals of digital marketing for business growth. The goal is to help business owners better understand their brand, their audience, and how to best reach and service their customers online.

Find registration links below:

  1. Use WhatsApp to Grow Your Business – 24th Aug 2021: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

2. Learn How to Create Facebook Ads – 25th Aug 2021: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

3. How to Build an Effective Advertising Strategy – 26th Aug 2021: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

4. Discover Tools to Drive Your Business – 27th Aug 2021: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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