Our founder Omolabake Matthew-Ibrahim had a chit chat with Dr. Chinny Obinwanne of The Milk Booster on Breastfeeding tips and hacks for new & working mums.

They discussed,

– What things should a mom put in place to ensure the breastfeeding journey is seamless both before childbirth and when resuming from maternity leave
– for a new mom, how often should they breastfeed their babies in terms of the frequency?
– Are there moms that truly can’t breastfeed
– How can a mom avoid sore nipples
– can one breastfeed too much?
– how can a mum increase breastmilk supply?
– will breastfeeding spoil my breast?
– How does a mom know if the baby is getting enough milk?
– weaning tips
and alot more,


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