Checklist: Going back to work after maternity leave

Going back to work after maternity leave can be overwhelming. This is one topic I think we don’t talk about so much and should be addressed often.

Not planning the transition properly and having the appropriate support is also the cause of so many women resigning from their jobs eventually as they feel disconnected or that they are not good enough for their role after resuming from maternity leave.

This checklist should help put you on the right path.


  • Sort out Childcare arrangements (nanny/creche/ relatives)
  • Make feeding arrangements (breast/formula/combination/solids)
  • If you’re planning to continue breastfeeding, make the transition to pumping and bottles. Begin pumping ahead of time and build up a supply. Make a plan for when and where you’ll pump at work
  • Help your baby adjust to the change and new routine (practice it)
  • Do a dry run of your new  routine
  • Make arrangement for great work outfits & underwears


  • Arrange a meeting with your manager &  colleagues to get essential work updates
  • Request for flexible work hours for some time if you need it
  • Create a realistic schedule, prioritize and adjust as much as possible
  • Reach out to other moms in your workplace or network for support & advice
  • Take care of yourself daily. Dress well, feel well,  smell well, eat well, rest and practice daily affirmations to boost your confidence
  • Expect setbacks but be kind to yourself
  • Keep a journal as mummy brain might happen
  • Put in your best, don’t compare yourself with anyone and pls forgive yourself for any mistake you might make this period

How was your transition back to work? Was it easy or you struggled/still struggling. Do share…

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