Assam Victor-Ifeanyi is a dynamic individual who doesn’t believe in giving up.

A wife and mother, she has successfully reinvented herself from a Customer Support Analyst and Trainer with over 9 years industry experience to a Cybersecurity Engineer.

She doesn’t believe in being “stuck” just because you’re a woman, a wife or a mother.

She recently started helping people switch careers to Cybersecurity from a Non Tech background through her mentorship/accountability cohort program “Seamless Career Switch”.


What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security refers to protecting systems connected to the internet from threats in cyberspace. It involves protecting software, data, and hardware and helps prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to devices or the networks.

Parts Of Cyber Security:

  1. Application security
  2. Cloud security
  3. Data security
  4. Endpoint security
  5. Identity management
  6. Infrastructure and database security
  7. Mobile security
  8. Network security
  9. Operational security

It should also include disaster recovery or business continuity planning. Which outlines how the organization will recover from any cyber attacks in the future as well as preventative methods, such as educating employees.

Q & A

  • What resources were you reading and which certification exam did you write? Start with Professor Messer on YouTube, Cisco Network Academy. Those are beginner friendly. Certification was CompTIA Security+
  • Which course would you recommend for a beginner? Professor Messer… A+ 1&2, then Network+, Security+
  • What is the pay range like? Cybersecurity professionals should earn about 350,000 with about 1 year experience.

For more details, check out @colourmecyber on Instagram.

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