Jennifer Awirigwe aka financialJennifer is a

  • Chartered Accountant
  • Certified Financial Education Instructor
  • Founder, Financial People Investment club

She spoke to us about the different investments we can start as a mum even with little money.

Jennifer Awirigwe: So I will be sharing with us different investments you can plug into. You know some of them already, but you are yet to start. Sis whyyyy. After tonight, please, I beg you, take action. Download that app. Create that account. Start.

We shall be using a mix of voice notes and texts. I will introduce each concept with text. Then use voice note to explain how it works and how you can start. We will skip the obvious things like what is investment…why investment and stuff like that. Let’s go straight to the point. So we will be looking at 4 different investment options tonight. Very simple ones you can start right away.

1. Fintech Investment

Fintech Investments on apps like Piggyvest, Carbon etc. We are familiar with this one I know. Many of us obviously have them but are you utilizing them well?

This link will walk you through the different offers you can get on Piggyvest:

Action step on Piggyvest:

  1. Follow this Ref link to register:
  2. Sign in.
  3. Observe the app.
  4. Choose a plan.
  5. Move money to it.

Check their tutorial videos here:

And occasionally, they have standard investments you can let into, where you can invest as little as 5k for an interest.

2. Mutual Funds

This is another simple one you can do with as little as 5k And the good thing is that it’s something you can do with your phone too

Action step for Cowrywise:

  1. Download the App.
  2. Register
  3. Take time to explore what they have.
  4. Decide on the one you want to do.
  5. Starttttt

3. Stock Investment

I won’t be able to elaborate more. But please go to my page, click on the stock highlights. I have some posts on stock investment that will guide you. Here’s the handle

There are different apps you can use like Bamboo, Passfolio, Trove, etc.

I use Passfolio. If you want to use them, you can sign up with this Ref link

Action Steps for Stock investment:

  • Visit my page and read the ABOUT STOCKS highlights.
  • Download and register on the app.
  • Take time to understand how it works.
  • Decide on the stocks to buy (Apple, Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, Zoom etc)
  • Fund your wallet.
  • BUY

And of course, if you need me to hold your hand and get on call to guide you. Send me a Dm for a one on one session. I’m all yours.

4. Local Food storage.

This one you don’t need a mobile app.

The purpose of this our session is to open our eyes, please take time to explore these options. You can start with just one.

Trust me, once you start investing, you will never misuse money again because even before the money enters, you are already calculating what to invest it in.

I will end with these tips:

1. Make investment a Bill.

2. Preserve your money in dollars.

3. Automate the process in a way that every month, money will move to your investment account.

4. Join a money community.
Or atleast this one you belong to, once in a while, rub minds on money matter. Share your investment experiences

Let me drop a final voice note to shed light on these


Q: I really don’t understand mutual funds. what is the difference between this and what you get from safelock on piggy vest

A: Mutual fund, is like a pool of investors fund used to invest in the money market amd safelock on piggyvest is like fixed deposit where you get your interest upfront.

Mutual funds you get your interest at the end of a period and you can compound your interest

Q: Pls what is investment club all about pls

A: The Investment club, It’s a group where we share information and guide on different researched investment opportunities and members decide the ones to invest in.All these ones we are talking now, club members are already smashing them. We hold sessions to learn. A support group where we interact, ask questions and network with over 600 investors. Kindly follow the link to read details and Join us 

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