I had so many highs and ‘aha’ while reading ’HOW I RETIRED AT 26’ by Asha Tyson. This book really has it all if you need to change your mindset about money, prosperity and your life in general. It would drive you to seek for self development and freedom, the tools needed to unlock wealth. If you can find it pls get it.

📌 The CON however is that it is not a book for someone looking for investment ideas or wealth building strategies.

  • “Ask yourself:

what is in my energy and demeanor that tells the world that I’m available for mediocrity, nonsense, abuse, neglect or drama – I mean really make an intentional, planned and calculated decision to raise your standards. You have to make a deliberate appointment with success or you’ll never meet it”

  • “If you allow yourself to obtain comfort in blaming external entities for your own lack, you become so busy defending your right to be incapable, you would have missed opportunities “
  • “Loving yourself unconditionally changes how you perceive yourself, and that changes how you come to the table of life. How you perceive yourself and participate in life determines how others will receive and treat you, everywhere you go”
  • “The – things would be better if only – theory has zero consistency. There is no guarantee being privy to any of life’s ‘perks’ would have sculpted a better you…So learn to welcome your obstacles and become good at finding the jewel of each circumstance instead of the inconvenience of it”
  • “We don’t often take time to celebrate our daily accomplishments. We get too busy moving on to the next thing and the next one and the next one- much like swinging from limb to limb in a jungle. When life becomes a chore rather than a joy, something has to be adjusted. Review your victory journal frequently. You will be surprised at how it renews your spirit”
  • “Monitor your own self-talk. Many times our worse enemy comes from within. Do you have a tone of cynicism, or apathy? Pay close attention to the messages you tell yourself throughout the day. Make sure they are synonymous with prosperity. If not, change them. Be brave enough to own how you might be creating self sabotage through your own language”
  • “We’ve all experienced misfortune. Many of us have been exposed to some of the most humiliating and unimaginable situations, but you aren’t what has happened to you. You are not the embodiment of tragedy. You may have lived through some victimizing circumstances, but never were you anybody’s victim. So it’s up to you to recognize your power and choose not to give it away “
  • “Practice de-excusilizing. It’s this quality that makes ordinary people extraordinary. People who have pledged themselves to excellence find ways to be productive no matter what. Anybody can fall feeble to obvious limitations, but how crafty and clever can you be at making things work when it looks like there’s no way”
  • “You should be able to make decisions about your time without feeling rushed or bullied. It’s your responsibility to know when your plate is full, it’s up to you not to allow someone’s procrastination to become your personal emergency”
  • Every choice you make or don’t make still renders an outcome

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