Hiring a Nanny Or Sending Your Child to Daycare?

Many parents struggle to determine where to send their child while they are at work. While it’s great that some families have the option to lean on grandparents to help out, many others don’t have that option and are left to find child care on their own. So what options would you choose? Hiring a Nanny Or Sending Your Child to Daycare?



  • one-on-one attention and customized care for your child.
  • flexibility in terms of hours and your specific needs.
  • you don’t have to worry about drop-offs or pickups
  • Your child is not exposed to as many germs as they would be in a daycare setting.
  • More parental control


  • Nannies can be more expensive than daycare
  • As a working parent, you may have limited direct supervision over the nanny’s activities.
  • If your nanny is unavailable or quits, you need to urgently find alternative arrangements.
  • Having to manage an employee

Day Care


  • Daycare centers follow a schedule, which can help establish a consistent routine for the child
  • Usually Costs less
  • It benefits social interaction and development
  • Structured space and hours, so there’s ample supervision
  • may double as pre-preschool, offering an early-childhood curriculum


  • Increased Exposure to Illnesses
  • Not available to sick kids
  • Less flexibility
  • Increased Exposure to Illnesses
  • In some countries, Centers that care for infants can be hard to find or full, with months-long waiting lists
  • Your child may be exposed to different caregivers overtime and inconsistency may throw them off

Ultimately, the choice between hiring a nanny or sending your child to daycare depends on your family’s needs, preferences, and individual circumstances. It’s important to consider factors such as cost, flexibility, socialization opportunities, and the specific needs of your child when making this decision.

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