How To Build Your Marriage To Last (By Ruth Esumeh)

Ruth Esumeh is a Certified and God-centric Marriage Coach and Counselor. She is the founder and lead coach of @RuthsMarriage and has a passion and vision to help couples achieve a beautiful marriage and enjoy their marriage God’s way.

Asides coaching and counseling, she works as a business development manager in a multinational in Lagos, she loves to cook, worship and spend time with her family.

With 9 years of being married to her husband, they are still very much in love and they are blessed with two adorable kids.

Here is her session with us:

Today we are going to be discussing how to Build our Marriage to Last and tips for spicing up our marriage

1. Let the foundation of your marriage be on God

2. Love yourself

3. Build friendship with your partner

4. Communication

5. Don’t endure suffering. Fix it

6. Create an atmosphere of love and peace in your home

7. Spice up your sex life


Q: Listening to this brings tears to my eyes because there’s no iota of friendship between us. He’s extremely busy that his business is now his priority so it’s very difficult to achieve friendship

Q: My husband can go without sex for a year, what can I do. I am sure he’s not cheating. I have spoken to him and he keeps saying he will change. I have figured out that my libido is higher than his, we stay together, very sweet man but it’s like he sees sex has work and distracting

One year is a lot. Have you checked if there’s any medical factor. Do you seduce him ? As in grab his d….k… abi let me be holy – penis and he still doesn’t budge? Or do you also wait for him to want it

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