How To Choose The Right Family Planning Method For You As A Mum (By Uchechi Onyia)

Uchechi Onyia calls herself the NFP queen! She is a trained instructor on the Billings Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning. She teaches women how to understand their menstrual cycles in order to avoid or conceive pregnancy or select the sex of their babies. She has been practicing NFP for over 4 years and been teaching NFP for over 2 years. She is a wife and mum of 2 girls.

Here is our session with her on How To Choose The Right Family Planning Method For You As A Mum


The app is not in your body to know what’s going on. It’s only a prediction that is bound to fail. Even with regular periods. Have you noticed days that your period comes later than the app predicts? In instances when ovulation is delayed maybe due to stress or illness, the app doesn’t know this. The days it predicts as fertile will actually be infertile days. And the days it predicts as infertile will turn out to be fertile days. You know what will happen when you make when you are fertile right?


Q7: In case where the husband wants more children and you are not ready for more children. How can you do the natural family planning?

A7: With NFP it becomes easier because you have had the discussion continuously. When you are faced with this situation, you have to continually discuss and share your views on your choices. NFP requires some form of abstinence on days when you are fertile or days not available for intercourse. It is with mutual understanding and agreement that you can actually adhere to it.

Q8: I don’t even understand a thing about my body, circle and even ovulation. I only welcome my period anytime it comes

A8: Not an issue. You need to learn it because it is very very important you have this knowledge. Register for my class on understanding the menstrual cycle and I will coach you through the process for a year. Very cheap! this is just to ensure you are able to recognise when there are changes and apply the rules correctly

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