Chinenye Adelakun is a certified digital marketer and sales expert. Known as Brandvigour on Instagram, she provides digital marketing services such as: website development, Instagram page management, advertisement and content creation/marketing.
She also helps startups to grow their business online through marketing and sales training.

Here is our session with her:

1. Brand Positioning

Steps to position your brand:

  1. Identify the solution your product or service will to your target audience.
  2. Identify and develop a competitive edge.
  3. Ensure your Instagram username or name is optimized for easy reach on Instagram.
  4. Your bio should be convincing and sellable.
  5. Have a CTA in your bio.
  6. Have a link, that is, a landing page to direct people to for further enquiry, information and payment
  7. Use brand elements.
  8. Create a unique brand voice.

2. Warming Up Your Audience

Steps to warm your audience:

  • Create contents to align with the solution you are giving them.
  • Create contents with product features.
  • Share testimonials.
  • Create online communities like Facebook, WhatsApp and telegram groups, then nurture them there.
  • Also join communities belonging to people in your niche and target audience.
  • Use other channels such as YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn to nurture and drive traffic to your Instagram page.
  • Use email marketing as well to warm them up to buy.

2. Marketing & Sales

Ways to market and sell on Instagram:

  1. DM prospecting
  2. Nano Influencer marketing
  3. Sponsored Ads.
  4. Using network channels
  5. Using page contents
  6. Using referral system
  7. Create payment gateway
  8. Cross sell and upsell
  9. Use email marketing
  10. Advertise in your community.

Q & A

  • Please how can we gain visibility on Instagram also how can we drive traffic to our page? Use inbound channels to drive traffic. Example: YouTube, Facebook and other places you interact and sell by sharing your IG link. Also sponsored ads helps too.
  • Please do you teach how to create content? Yes I do
  • Most of the things you stated cannot be carried out for we dropshippers…honestly….my social pages lack all these and I begin to wonder what I am not doing…at times I will just be tired on it…and most times I don’t see jobs too…I render service jobs… All what I mentioned can be carried out by drop shippers except creating videos yourself. This you can ask your supplier to do.
  • I write contents and sometimes I don’t know what else to write is there anything one can do or how can one be generating contents steady on spices ?Content development is easier when you open your eyes and mind to ideas you can use. It is every where. You experience it daily. From product ideas, interaction in your niche to having a mix of jokes quotes etc. It is vast. Just try to learn how to go about it.
  • As someone who is into spices how will one go about creating content for her business, what can one do to have a voice in a saturated market? Create a competitive advantage as l explained in the voice note. Then create contents around that. Also ensure your entire branding is unique.
  • How does nano influencer marketing work on Instagram? They advertise your business on their page. You need to identify those with a considerable large amount of followers (those with followers in your target market) with high engagement on their posts. They don’t charge so much though.

You can reach Chinenye Adelakun on Instagram here: @brandvigour

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