Meet Aborisade Tolani. She is a Seasoned HR, an HR Tutor, Recruiter & Career Coach.

Having worked with several industries as an HR professional for over 8 years across Nigeria, she understands the pain point of small business owners and employees that work in Start-Ups.

She assists Small Business Owners re-evaluates the usefulness of the HR Departments and help them set the department up all by themselves even with zero knowledge.

Also, she helps people who have interest in HR transition into it effortlessly through HR BOOTCAMP, where they are trained in the rudiments, functions and duties of an HR Professional for them to stand out.

What is HR and its importance to every business?

No business wants to be relegated, so HR jobs are not going anywhere anytime soon.

 As an HR, you tend to create the kind of environment you want in any business as much as you can because you are the essential ingredients in structuring the company. You are the parent between 2 fighting siblings and you have to be fair and just. The siblings are Employers and the Employees. This 2 siblings will never stop fighting or being at each other’s neck till the end of time. So you need to brace up

The skills you need to be a successful HR

If you don’t like talking so much, you might want to reconsider HR roles. HR are mostly talkative and smooth talkers. We can make you do what we want you to do. And yes, HR professionals have feelings too and we feel pain. So you must have empathy or learn it.

Specialization in HR


You can pick any of these specializations and thrive in them greatly. The most popular in Nigeria is HR Generalist.

You can get remote jobs in HR now, Remote, Onsite or Hybrid HR Jobs are available.

Certification & Training in HR

Get trained first with practical experience and hit it up with a certification. You might have certification and no practical experience and this will make it difficult to scale through the interview stage. These certifications are quite pricey, skills are more important, so get practical knowledge.

Getting HR Job easily

Q & A

  • Q: What certifications would you recommend for someone?

A: Nigeria has CIPM which is internationally recognized. 

CIPD-UK Certification but recognized in Nigeria (

SHRM-USA but recognized in Nigeria (

  • Q: I started this path some years back and abandoned it. How can I possibly catch up again?

A: You need to get practical knowledge again, and refresh your brain. Unlearn some of those things that are not in vogue again.

So I usually advise these steps

  • Get into HR seminars, training
  • get practical knowledge from work through internship or full time offer
  • Get certifications after you get the above 2

Thinking of where you can find Tolani and who She Is?

Check out this places to learn more about Tolani and how her career in HR started.

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