How To Structure Your Home For productivity (With Amara Agbim)

We had an amazing 3 hour online session with Amara Agbim, Founder Nanny Academy on how to structure your home for productivity. Here are excerpts from the session:

Q1: For a new home, what are the most important things that should be taken note of when making a family plan

The details include but are not restricted to:

  • Financial plan
  • Where shall we live?
  • What kind of food shall we eat?
  • What kind of clothes shall we buy?
  • How many children shall we have?
  • What kind of school shall our kids go to?
  • Are we going to hire help?
  • Shall both partners work?
  • How about our spiritual health? Who leads?
  • Who shall visit us?

S2: The last is very important. In my counselling session, we were asked if anyone would live with us

Q3: How were you able to manage a live-out for 15 years,when did she resume and close. Were there times you felt live-in would have been better?

S4: It’s important couples are on the same financial page too. Example outright financial recklessness can affect a home like when one of the spouses is a spendthrift or addicted to gambling…

Q5: What happens when the finance available no longer meets the financial plan. Say due to job loss by one partner?

Q6: What are your thoughts on nanny camera?

Q7: With COVID19, how can one ensure safety of children with live out nanny

Q8: In a case whereby a plan/structure never existed before so to say and now as a wife, mother, I want to put a structure around it, how do I go about it?

Q9: What best ways do you think you can protect family members from sexual harassment?

Q10: How do you wing the daily chores or achieve productivity in the situation you have no help?

Q11: How do you have family goals/plans when it’s difficult to communicate with your partner?

S12: Parenting styles

Q13: Abroad they have nothing like house helps, how do they cope? Getting nannies there is pricey. How do they cope?

Q14: How do we balance spousal relationship and the needs of an infant?

Your capacity can impact on your home structure

• Sometimes so many in the bid to straighten and structure things, find their home totally crumbling!!
• Choose your battles, be aware and conscious
• Taking personal development and capacity building courses can help you
• Many people make career changes which reflect their values
• Don’t stop trying to maintain or improve on the system you have on ground already
• You can get better, Things can improve
• Feedback can help you to make changes, have family meeting days

Amara  Agbim has been an entrepreneur for fourteen years. She published the WORKLIFE Magazine from 2008 to 2011  before founding The Nanny Academy in 2010.

The Nanny Academy empowers childcare and domestic workers with training and certifications, provides decent employment opportunities for them, advocates proper working conditions and wages for them; and promotes happiness and wellbeing in that space. In ten years of existence, The Nanny Academy have exceeded twelve thousand five hundred  job placements and trained and certified over six thousand nannies.

  • Amara is a 2010 Mentee of Women in Successful Careers (WISCAR); 
  • a 2013 Youwin Grant Awardee; 
  • a 40 under 40 ‘Special Recognition Award’ recipient (by BUSINESSDAY
  • Newspapers and Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Industry,2013);
  • a 2010 Building Entrepreneurs Today (BET) Award recipient;  
  • a 2016 Cordes Fellow;
  • a 2017 Sangster Youngster Fellow;
  • a 2017 Program Mentor for Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program; 
  • a WISCAR Mentor; was
  • listed in 2017 amongst the 100 most innovative female owned businesses in Nigeria by 100talksng; was
  • a 2018 recipient of Women Leaders for the World Fellowship as well as 
  • a 2018 and 2019 recipient of Businessday Newspapers top 100 fastest growing SME’s in Nigeria.

Amara studied Media and Communication (Msc.) at the Pan-African University; holds a Master of Arts in English Language from the University of Lagos, and a first degree in English Education from Imo State University. 

She is married with four adorable children

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