How To Talk To Your Child About Sex

From the session: Sexual Mastery Skills You Should Teach Your Child (With Cynthia Egbuleze)

Knowledge is a powerful deterrent to childhood sexual abuse  –  especially with young children who are targeted due to their innocence & ignorance in this area. 

Here are 6 ways you can talk to your child about sex.

  1. Talk about body parts early
  2. Teach them that their body parts are private
  3.  Tell your children that body secrets are not okay
  4. Teach your children body boundaries
  5. Tell your children that no one should take pictures of their private part or show them pictures of private parts
  6. Teach your children how to get out of scary or uncomfortable situations

You can access the full session: Sexual Mastery Skills You Should Teach Your Child (With Cynthia Egbuleze) , Here

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