Faith is a professional customer service executive for 6 years at at the bank. This had enabled her to build up her skills in Customer Service which is an In demand skill now. She is also a Data Enthusiast. She is happily married to a king and a mum to a very cute prince. She loves watching Food Videos

Here is our session with her:

I would move to the 3 important qualities of customer service.

We have

  • The People First attitude
  • Patience
  • Professionalism

I would be speaking on the skills we need for customer service. I would list down some of the skills here….I had to elaborate more on that communication skill because it is very important to the business

Some of the soft skills are

  • Active listening skills
  • Problem Solving skill
  • Time Management skill

Alright moving on….I would just highlight the hard skills. They include
– Product Knowledge
– Digital Literacy
– Technical Expertise


Pls pls and pls……our dispatch riders are not exempted from this…..they should be courteous and friendly at all times…’s very important

Career Opportunities in customer service

I would just mention a few, We have
– Customer Data Analytics
– Social Media Manager
– Communication Strategists
– Product Manager
– Customer Support Associate


Q: What do you do when a customer calls you out in a page with plenty followers for some thing they are at fault

A: I would advise that you speak with the customer privately….and put up a pleasant disclaimer post to this….to make you gain customer loyalty

Q: Won’t the disclaimer look like you are shading the customer

A: To me it won’t because you have already settled it with the customer and the customer would understand though… don’t need to call out the customer when putting up the disclaimer post

Q: How can someone that isn’t good with active listening develop it. Also with problem solving

A:There are free trainings online for this also I feel we can personally decide to train ourselves to listen…..for the problem solving skills….you have to be intentional about this one….you should know that the customer came to you to solve their issue so try and develop yourself in knowing how your service or product can be of help to the customer and also try to go the extra mile for them… can also get their feed back….it is very important too

Q: About the time management. Answering the customer in time.  Can two persons do the work of replying customers. With the same social media account on different phones

A: Sure….that is very possible

Q: How do you address customers who have; explained your T and C’s. Have asked if they have read it, they say yes. You have some all you have said, although you have accommodated the customers desires as they might have been outside your T and C’s. 2 months later the customer then says you did not explain your T and C’s well and that an error (made by them) is your fault? Please what do you do here.

Q: What is your take on automated messages on IG. I notice many people don’t read it and when you refer them back to it they say you are being rude.

Q: Do I have to answer every message a customer sends even if it is demeaning to my brand or is a lie or they are trying to manipulate me? If yes can you give an example on how best to respond.

Q: Is it rude to apologize and then mention you have no solution?

Q: Are there training sessions for customers?

Q: Why is that with all the customer service in the banking industry it is the one industry that has a bad rep for customer service across board?

Q: Where do we as business owners draw the line between declining to offer a service and being rude?

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