How to Use Positive Parenting As A Tool To Raising Confident Children (By Maureen Ojobo)

At the end of this class, we should be able to

  1. Explain what positive parenting is
  2. Give a short description of a confident child
  3. Understand how we can raise confident children
  4. List some ways we can begin to implement positive parenting

Questions & Answers

  • How can I put structure in the house and my children will follow suit without spanking or yelling at them?

This thing is all about you knowing your child. Firstly, let them know the rules and consequences for breaking the rules. Secondly reinforce constantly. Don’t make the rules too long so that they can even tell you when they need to. Now, I personally do not believe spanking should be your first response when a child misbehaves but I don’t believe we can totally abolish spanking. There must be a time when you spank a child because my Bible cannot be wrong.

  • How do you handle childhood influences in your absence, classrooms to be precise? This is because like you have said you teachers recognise children who are not being positively parented.

When you tell a Teacher to keep your child away from others, the Teacher may understand why but the child doesn’t. The child begins to see that he is secluded and automatically begins to withdraw. You will not want that for your child so the best thing to do is to ask the Teacher to caution children that use such words in class. Your child will also influence his/her peers positively if he is raised that way. Then you have to constantly reiterate the fact that we don’t use so and so words. That way, your child will also begin to caution that child in school

  • Please my girls don’t listen except when I shout. Does shouting affect a child’s self esteem. Secondly, they say no alot when you give them instructions and they don’t allow me teach them. They are twins.

Shouting at a child makes the child see it as normal. When they are used to this mode of communication, they tune you out and won’t respond until you shout. The dangers here is that they take it outside. You have to sit with them (depending on their age though) and ask them to tell you ways they can help obey so mummy doesn’t have to keep shouting. If they are old enough to articulate their words, this is your best option

Maureen Ojobor is an excellent Early Childhood Education Professional with over 7 years of experience working with kids. She is the author of the amazing book “Tackling reading problems among beginners” that sheds light on reading problems in children and how parents can help their child who is experiencing reading difficulty. She also authored the “fun activities for your preschoolers” ebook which is a much sort after guide to help your preschoolers enjoy their childhood. She runs an online platform for Teachers/Parents training aimed at building capacity for teaching children using fun learning methods and best practices. She is also a school development expert majoring in setting up school structure by creating policies. She is a wife and a mother of 3.

You can reach her on instagram here: @maureenojobor

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