As the new term approaches, parents play a pivotal role in supporting their children’s education. One key aspect of this involvement is staying well-informed about the upcoming school term. Establishing effective communication with your child’s school ensures a smooth and collaborative learning journey. Here’s a comprehensive guide on the essential information to seek from your child’s school at the beginning of each term:

  • The school calendar (including important dates such as holidays, parent-teacher meeting, exams, and school events)
  • Contact information of your child’s teachers, school administration, and/or any relevant support staff
  • Upcoming events like class trips
  • Class schedule including subject & teachers’ names
  • Curriculum Overview for that term
  • Schedule for the extracurricular Activities your child would be engaging in
  • Homework and Assignment schedule/expectations
  • School policies regarding attendance, behavior, dress code, meals etc
  • Preferred communication channels the school uses to share information
  • Required school supplies for the term
  • If applicable, gather information about school transportation options, bus schedules, and routes.
  • Obtain information about school fees, payment schedules, and any financial assistance options available.
  • Volunteer Opportunities for parents

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