Meal Prep & Food Storage For Busy Moms (By Adebola Oshin – Chef Bee)

Here is her session with us in the telegram community:

I would be sharing some of my effective meal prep & food storage tips for busy moms

Tips for effective meal plan:

  • Keep meals simple
  • pick out 5|10 of your family favourite and make sure you have the ingredients on ground
  • Set out time in the evening to prep your meals for the Next day

Tips for storing vegetables:

  • Wash, cut
  • Blanch (parboil in hot water and then shock in cold water get rid of excess water)
  • Cook from frozen. We can also do this with tubers: yam, sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes

Some people wrap greens like ugwu in paper then put in a bag and keep in the fridge.

On a final note, we know COVID has changed a lot of things for us, Lets try and not be penny wise pounds foolish:

  • Limit your market runs; we now have people who provide this services, just tell them the soup they will prep your ingredients and deliver to you.

  • Use left over soups
  • Buy your meat, boil and save stock in empty water bottles in portions where you can use at once
  • Invest in kitchen gadgets e.g. food processor, air-fryer


Please what I have a challenge with storage aside light issues, my hubby always want freshly prepared food. Please How do I go about it?

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