Looking for ways to monetize your cooking or baking skill as a mom, check out these ways:

  1. Run a Cooking/Baking or Nutrition Blog/website. Charge people to make recipe videos for their brand, a lot of food brands are looking for this. You can start with a token.
  2. Cooking/Baking or Nutrition social media page: facebook, Instagram. Once you start this, start targeting products of large brands in your blogging. When your community grows, you charge for ads, recipes and ambassadorship.
    • Because there are a lot of food bloggers you might want to think of a niche for yourself e.g. No seasoning cube cooking, children recipes, intercontinental, weight loss etc.
  3. Cooking/Baking or Nutrition Youtube Channel. More views on youtube means money
  4. Food podcasting, not so many people are doing it in Nigeria.
  5. Specialty Food/Nutrition eCommerce Store
  6. Create Cooking, Baking or Nutrition Courses (Online Tutorials). Start an Online Cooking School
  7. Create and sell digital printable such as meal plans, meal prep list etc.
  8. Create a free enclosed food blogging community (e.g on telegram), you share recipes, hacks, your channel’s contents and community members’ contribution. Monetize it by holding monthly classes and also posting ads
  9. Create a channel, video blog, social media page etc to review food from different countries, tribes, restaurants etc. based on your experience
  10. Create a Subscription community for food hacks & recipes, charge a token for membership or ads


  • Catering Business (you can specialize)
  • Organize Dinner & Cocktail Parties
  • Make cake, BBQ or small chops for events or sell online
  • Run a Snack Stall
  • Meal Delivery Service (to offices etc.)
  • Create Gift Baskets
  • Start a food truck
  • Start Mobile juice/smoothie bar
  • Run in-home or Group Cooking Classes from your Home

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