Hi my name is Omolabake Matthew-Ibrahim. Prior to becoming pregnant, I had it altogether, graduated with a 4.29 CGPA from the University, retained at the job where I did my youth service, infact about 4 months before I got pregnant, I won the employee of the year award. My boss called me ‘RELIABLE’, infact he would say ‘Give Labake something to do and go to sleep’, that was me, Aunty efficiency. LOL.

So, when I fell pregnant in 2017, I felt so blessed and as usual thought I would show myself that I am a super woman  well… motherhood humbled me. I was a mess during pregnancy but managed to pull through, pushed myself too much because I wanted to prove a point, which led to having a pre-term labour. My son was born on October 2017, few weeks before his EDD and I faced the biggest struggle of my life, from the ICU to breastfeeding, to post-partum depression to resumption from maternity leave and keeping up at work mentally, it was a roller coaster. It still is to an extent.

So I wanted to share my journey with other moms, my wins, my fears and my struggles. That was the original idea behind working mum diary. I know some of you got to know me because of my son’s meals to creche and now school, that part of me got out because I have a passion for child nutrition and it is also an important part of my story. Anyways, it was only when I started to share my journey with others that I realised I wasn’t alone, infact a lot of moms like me were struggling and needed somebody or an online platform to identify with.

So, I felt compelled to share what I’ve learnt along the way, not just me, but along with other amazing moms that I have also learnt from over the last few years, and this led to the birth of www.workingmumdiary.com.ng

So www.workingmumdiary.com.ng was born out of the instagram blog @workingmum_diary

It is an informative entertainment and business resource portal for working moms and moms-to-be!

Our aim is to help provide information, motivate, support as well as provide various channels for working moms to be a better version of themselves while raising our precious little ones. My hope is that by creating a hub where we can all share, learn & earn from, we can start changing the narrative for our generation of moms and hopefully lead the movement for some policies to be enforced to make our lives easier and more fulfilling.

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