You don’t need to have a degree in tech or have a degree at all to transition into  and thrive in tech as a mum; and that is the best thing about the industry. Want to make a career transition? These 8 steps would help you…

  1. Research & Explore what Tech Roles are about
  2. Get a tech mentor
  3. Learn the basic Tech Skills (Introductory Courses)
  4. Apply for an Internship with a tech firm
  5. Try to earn some basic Industry Certifications in the aspect of tech you are interested in
  6. Leverage the power of Networking
  7. Build Projects
  8. Revamp (or start) your LinkedIn profile

Let’s jump right in;

1. Research & Explore what Tech Roles are about

The 6 Core Disciplines of the Tech Industry  are

  • Web Development,
  • Mobile Development,
  • Product Management
  • Data Analytics
  • User Experience Design
  • Digital Marketing

It is important that you take time to research and understand what roles exist in the tech industry and explore from the positive & the negative perspective.

2. Get a tech mentor

Tech is fast-paced, fueled by jargon, and people talk of funding in amounts so colossal it’ll make your head spin. Having someone mentor you especially when you have no experience would help you make sense of it fast. Where can you find them:

  • Attend local and virtual Tech Events/meetups
  • Join A Tech Group Or Community
  • Participate In An Incubator
  • Reach Out On Social Media
  • Talk to someone you know in the industry

3.  Learn the basic Tech Skills (Introductory Courses)

It is highly recommended  you learn the basic tech skills,  you would need to understand the basics of your computer hardware & how software communicates with each other & with hardware.  

Happy businesswoman in a cafe using her laptop

4. Apply for an Internship with a tech firm

For a mom with zero experience, you might want to start with a low pay internship or NO PAY at all; the network, skills to acquire and experience should be the goal. If you know anyone that works at a tech company you’re interested in, don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for a referral or just apply.

5. Try to earn some basic Industry Certifications in the aspect of tech you are interested in

Leveraging online courses, webinars, mini-training that will earn you a certificate of completion will give you a tech career leap. You can find some in our free course section of this website.

6. Leverage the power of Networking

Connecting with like-minded people who are either on the same level as you or those who are already established in the tech industry is as important as you can ever imagine.

7. Build or work on projects

You don’t have to limit yourself to working for other people to build experience. Use your developing skills to build projects of your own!

8. Revamp (or start) your LinkedIn profile

It is time to start positioning yourself well to look like a good hire.

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