From the session: A New Mom’s Guide To Hiring A Nanny (By Busayomi Popoola)

A nanny’s duties should be defined from the onset and not left to assume they already know what to do. No room for assumption and the nanny should not replace your job as a parent, she/he is just there to assist you. 

1. Interview candidates thoroughly

  • Ask them specific questions that relate to your family.
  • Find out what their past job duties & experiences were and if they are willing to do the tasks you are looking for help with.
  • Talk about your parenting and discipline styles, and find out if the prospective nanny will agree to follow your lead.
  • Ask about trainings they have had, education and background
  • Ask about their lifestyle & plans

2. Trust your instinct

  • If you don’t have a good feeling about someone — regardless of how they appear on paper or what former employers have said — don’t hire him/her.
  • Likewise, if the candidate is inconsistent in communication, e.g., not responding to texts or phone calls promptly, consider that a red flag.

3. Medical Check

  • Health screening should be considered a necessary step before hiring. This is not discrimination.
  • There is nothing wrong with knowing the health status of staff that will be caring for a baby or cooking your food.
  • This way you know if there is anything they need to see a doctor for. Several labs and clinics carry out basic domestic staff health checks in Lagos.

4. Arrange a trial day

  • If you’re not using a nanny agency, it may be a good idea to set up a playdate with the prospective nanny or have him/her shadow you for a day before you offer a position.
  • It’s a good idea to see this person interact with your children to see if he or she is a good fit with your family
  • You shouldn’t make it obvious that it is a trial day.
  • You can get feedback from your kids if they are old enough, I trust children won’t hold back words.

You can access the full session: A New Mom’s Guide To Hiring A Nanny (By Busayomi Popoola) , Here

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