Sexual Mastery Skills You Should Teach Your Child (By Cynthia Egbuleze)

Cynthia Egbuleze is a parent coach, a sexuality Educator and a body safety advocate. She helps parents talk about sex with their children in a way that strengthens family bond without those awkwardness that comes with the chore.

In a sexualized world such as the one that we live in, Cynthia has developed a system for introducing sexuality education from cradle.

She is the author of a best selling guide Family Sexual Safety Plan.

She is married and blessed with three champions!

Here is her session with us:

2 Important Sexual Mastering Skills To Teach Them

  1. Refusal Skill

2. Self Control

When Children ask you questions about sex

In Conclusion

Questions & Answers

Q: What is a media guide?

Q: A mum mentioned her 1+ was always holding his penis whether in his diaper or not, is that okay?

Q: My son likes playing with his nipple and penis. I have told him several times to stop but he still does it. He is 2years old

Q: What can be done to a child that has already been sexually molested? so it doesn’t affect him or her in any way

Q: Are there specific therapist that handle such in Nigeria?

Yes.. I am a child counselling psychologist. There are several other counselling firms in Nigeria that deals with such. Like CeCe yara foundation, they have counselors there and it’s actually a center where child sexual abuse cases are treated first hand. They are doing a wonderful job in Nigeria same with Mirabel Center too

Q: Do you think it is okay for siblings of opposite sex to bathe together? 3 & 4

Please bath them separately. A child becomes sexually aware of him/herself from the age of 3

Q: when should parents stop dressing up in the presence of their kids and when should children of opposite sex stop sharing the same room

Children have a photographic memory, hope we know. As early as possible, it’s all boils down to what we teach them. You dress in front of them and tell them no one should see your private… That’s conflicting you know

Q: At what age should brother and sister start sleeping in different room?

From age 7

Q: If you don’t have the space or money what is the alternative?

Not on the same bed. Maybe a bunk bed

You can follow and reach Cynthia Egbuleze on IG: @sexconsciousparent

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