Things to put in place when you have a new domestic staff/Nanny

It’s important to establish clear guidelines and rules for domestic staff to ensure a smooth working relationship. Here are some rules you may consider setting in your home for your domestic staff:

  • Before a domestic staff starts working for you, if they are going to have direct contact with members of your family, ensure you have done medical checks for things like HIV, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, pregnancy and even mental health evaluation.
  • Make sure to inform the staff what your policy on dressing is. Some people require that their domestic staff put on uniforms or scrubs.
  • Communicate a schedule that should include time when they are to wake up or resume work, do their task, take a break and closing hours.
  • Clearly define and communicate the roles, responsibilities, and duties of the domestic staff or nanny.
  • Conduct a comprehensive orientation and training session to familiarize the new staff member with the household routines, safety procedures, emergency contacts, and any specific instructions related to child care or household tasks.
  • Discuss what areas of the house are off-limits and define rules related to personal belongings, visitors, or the use of household amenities.
  • Make sure to provide them with off days. Ideally, the frequency of this should be agreed upon.
  • Don’t assume they know how to operate electrical gadgets, so teach them for safety reasons.
  • If they have a cell phone, establish cell phone rules.
  • Do not reveal too much info about yourself & your family too quickly
  • If hiring a nanny, provide detailed instructions on child care preferences, routines, dietary restrictions, and any specific needs or allergies. Share emergency contacts, medical information, and discuss any special requirements related to your children’s well-being.
  • Clearly communicate your expectations regarding privacy and boundaries within the household.

Remember, each household is unique, and you may need to tailor these guidelines to suit your specific needs and preferences. Do you have additional rules you set in your home for your domestic staff?

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