Ibukun Obaitor is a wife and a mum of 1.

She studied chemical engineering and recently transitioned to tech (Data Analytics) after spending 4 years in the banking sector.

As a side hustle, she is also an entrepreneur, her business page is @Beekayfoods where she helps family stay healthy through the sales of unadulterated food stuff such as Ondo Palm oil, Peppersoup Spices, Cassava Flour and Crayfish


Why Data Analytics?

Data Analytics because it’s a skill of relevance, companies will always need to make informed decisions that will enhance their business growth and this can mostly be achieved with Data.
And, as we also know the world is gearing towards Artificial intelligence and the computer will always need data to make decisions.
There will always be a need for a Data Analyst, Data scientist and Data engineer. I can say it’s the career of the future

Skills needed to be a Data Analyst

  • Advanced Excel
  • SQL
  • Tableau  or Power BI(Data Visualization)
  • R or Python
  • Critical Thinking
  • Presentation skills
  • Machine Learning

But the basics skills for beginners are Advanced Excel, SQL, Tableau or Power Bi, to kickstart, you need Advanced Excel, SQL, Power BI or Tableau

These are some free & Low Cost courses you can take

Q & A

  • Must be strong in mathematical skills to be in tech?

You will need a bit of mathematical skills ….especially as you progress in the career

  • Is the thorough knowledge of excel needed?

It depends on the organization, where I work for now, we mainly use SQL and Tableau

  • What is SQL?

SQL means structured Query Language. It’s a programming language (Structured Query Language) . SQL is used to perform various operations on data

  • What’s the difference BTW Data science and Data Analysis?

I will say Data Science is an advanced form of data analytics. Data scientists are machine learning engineers

  • What’s the salary range in Nigeria from your experience

It depends on the organization. But I know most firms pay from like N150,000 and above for beginners

  • What’s your take on the Google professional data analytics certification?

It’s okay, a lot of courses on coursera are okay. So long the required skills are taught, Udacity is highly recommended. https://www.udacity.com/course/business-analytics-nanodegree–nd098

  • Must I have a science background?

You don’t have to ……so long you can easily assimilate things. I believe anyone can thrive in tech, if the willingness is there.

  • How did you cope with the coding aspect?

For beginners, it’s only SQL that has a bit of coding.

  • What was the cost of the fee spent for the course ?

The normal price is over 1000 dollars but I was fortunate to take mine when they were doing about 70 % off promo

  • you mentioned the recruiter asked you to send some projects you had worked on. After taking these online courses how do you go about getting projects to work on to build your profile before you land an actual job?

Those groups I joined helped me and also some of these tech guys on LinkedIn do challenges, sharing data sources for people to work on.

  • how long after transitioning did it take to get your first job/project? Like a timeframe from the time you started to getting a job?

Less than a year ma’am. I finished my Udacity course in May 2020 and started working in Feb, 2021

  • Can you drop some of the communities you joined here?


  • Can you please share your LinkedIn profile?


  • You mentioned a guy earlier whom you said ‘ll be like a mentor. Seems he put you through your first course. Can you drop his contact pls

Mr Akerele  –  +234 806 246 8296

  • is doing a data analysis course on couriers, udemy, Edx or udacity enough to land a job on a trainee or intermediate level assuming I have no prior knowledge?

I didn’t have any prior knowledge in tech. This is my first job as an Analyst. 

  • I have small knowledge on Postgres and mssql as I know how to run some queries, create and delete tables, do some aggregate functions and joins.. is this enough to get job as a data analyst?

Do you have any visualization skills  Power BI or Tableau? If you have any of these, you are good to go.

  • is BA the same as data analytics?

No it’s not the same. BA is Business Analysis…this is related to project management, has to do with process improvement and the likes while Business /Data Analytics involves transforming data and drawing insights from it

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