What you should know when planning to have your baby in America/Canada (By Omowumi Oyedotun)

Meet Omowumi Oyedotun, the face behind queenbirthservices. She stays in Ibadan and owns a travel agency (which queenbirthservices is a part of)

She knows how hectic it can be when you are surfing the internet for a service and you get all confused due to different informations, so she decided to guide parents from visa processing , affordable hospital, accomodation and directions on how to get baby’s documents.

She loves to travel and help people.

Here is her session with us:


I will start with America, some people believe Trump has stopped citizenship by birth in America and I am here to tell you it’s not true . Any child born in America as of today is an American citizen

One things is don’t lie about your intentions, they can send you back at the port of entry, go with necessary documents and be confident . Please and please pay your bills because many people tend not to pay and it’s the one causing problems for others now
Q: How do you show that you have plans to come back to Nigeria
A: By showing that you have something doing here. The VO officers are trained psychologist and they know when you are acting up . So relax and answer the questions genuinely

Q: What are the necessary documents?
A: Statement of account, we will get you doctors appointment letter , accommodation details

Q: When is the best time to go and leave the USA. When having a baby
A: If your pregnancy is low risk, you can leave naija at 34 weeks and if the delivery was a smooth one you can leave 3 weeks after having baby like I did. For high risk, You leave at most 30 weeks and wait till 6 weeks after birth to come back


So for Canada , Canada is submission of application . You have to show necessary documents and you must not lie as Canada is quick to ban people when they noticed any form of lie.

Q: So what are the documents needed for application to Canada
A: For Canada it’s a long list

  • Statement of account
  • Marriage certificate if you are married or evidence of marriage
  • Evidence of job ,pay slip and co
  • Doctors appointment


Brazil takes 21 days for processing. The advantage of birthing in Brazil is it gives parents PR status in Brazil and citizenship for baby, with their passport you can enter most European countries without visa. It cost about 3500usd For Sao Paulo for vaginal and 4500usd for CS. Their public hospitals are almost free. The same process to get VISA like Canada, through submission.

Questions & Answers

Q: So I have a question, my cousin had her baby in the US but didn’t have enough money to pay so insurance stepped in, do you think she will have issues with the embassy, wen she goes for a visa again?
A: She will. She’s not a citizen and she shouldn’t have accepted the insurance stepping in

Q: Which state is cheaper to have a baby and what hospital do u advice
A: Hospitals in Virginia are cheaper but hospitals are only disclosed to our clients 😍

Q: Can you use your sponsors statement of account instead of yours?
A: Of course. That’s why the sponsor will be writing letter to say he or she is aware that you will be using the account

Q: So how much does it cost, Canada & USA. The hospital fee itself.

A: For medical bill in America, you can get for 4k dollars for vaginal delivery, 5500 for CS depending on states. Canada you can get for 4k and 6k for CS.

Q: Please the maximum time it takes for them to reply VISA is when?
A: Like 6 months

Q: How do you get your baby’s documents after birth?
A: You will be given form to fill at the hospital and that will be used to file for birth certificate. Then when you have the birth certificate , you will start the passport processing

Q: Is it advisable to travel with kids if you already have?
A: If you can cope and have people to watch over them when you are In labor

Kindly note that this information was valid as at Dec 2020, you should contact @birthlikeaqueen on Instagram or WhatsApp/call 08027114292 for update.

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  1. I used her for my daughter’s delivery in Canada , she’s very approachable and she follows up on you. I will give her 8 over 10

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