Work during pregnancy: 15 Dos and Don’ts.

Working while pregnant can be a very tricky one. There are 15 things worth trying and avoiding to make life at work during pregnancy a bit easier.


  1. Have enough small snacks with you, which will last you all day. Bland foods can be lifesavers when you feel nauseated
  2. Make time to attend all your prenatal health checkups. Make sure that you do not miss any of them.
  3. Keep your body hydrated throughout the day by drinking plenty of water. Keep clean bottled water at your desk
  4. Take frequent breaks and avoid working continuously for hours. Take a walk or just get some fresh air if you’re feeling the stress at work.
  5. Eat foods rich in iron and protein. Aim for at least eight hours of sleep every night
  6. Never Skip your medicine and supplements
  7. People happily offer help to expecting women so take advantage of it, accept and ask for help
  8. Plan Your Maternity Leave
  9. Speak with your doctor if you have concerns about your job or if your employment exposes you to some risks
  10. Use this period to network with other moms, your colleague or boss regarding pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and your career


  1. Don’t take risks at work, these include:
    • Exposure to harmful substances
    • Prolonged standing
    • Heavy lifting, climbing or carrying
    • Excessive noise
    • Heavy vibrations, such as from large machines
    • Extreme temperatures

2. Do not stress yourself with work. No matter what, keep stress at bay       

3. Don’t take nicotine and/or coffee       

4. Don’t sit for hours in one place. Stretch your arms, back and legs every few minutes. Take small strolls around your cubical and relax       

5. Don’t Dress Uncomfortable While Working During Pregnancy

Do you have more tips? pls share with us and don’t forget to take your preggy friend

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