You don’t owe anyone access to you(By Adejoke Naomi Tola-Ogunlewe)

This may come across as very strong but it is something I realized and I intentionally practice in my emotional intelligence and mental health journey.

I do not owe anyone.

Healthy boundaries have to be drawn to protect my mental health. Some few weeks before Christmas in 2018, I saw a picture on line that interested me. It had certain rules on things to do to preserve your mental health during festive period. The one I liked the most was to avoid visiting toxic relatives. It validated something I have always known because I realised a while back that I usually feel emotionally drained after visiting or been visited by some people.
I followed through with this and I realised my peace was intact during the festive period. I have also continued to practice this intentionally and it is revolutionizing my life. You do not have to justify your life to anyone who is not showing up in RELATIONSHIP or who makes UNHEALTHY DEMANDS on you.
This is for whomever needs to hear this again today because you are worth it. Your PEACE is your responsibility, protect it. Have a productive day.

Adejoke is a lawyer, women rights advocate and business consultant. She is also a certified emotional intelligence expert.

She is a member of the legacy firm, Ogunlewe & Ogunlewe. She also has experience in advisory and litigation practice. Her practice areas include Legal and Regulatory Advisory for Non-Governmental & Non-Profit Organisations, providing legal advisory and support for SMEs.
Adejoke was the pioneer Legal Officer and In-House Counsel at the House of Freedom, a position she created and carved for herself.
She is a seasoned transaction due diligence expert.

She is passionate about helping women with small businesses and start ups with strategic legal solutions.
Her other fortes include human rights and advocacy.

She is married with a daughter.

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